Kickstarter Success!
Thanks to the efforts of all of our kind-hearted fans, The Adventures of Toad's frist Kickstarter was a huge success! With all of your support we were able to earn 120% of our goal!

Now that the campaign has come to an end, things will be returning to normal here on the site starting next week. On the next #toadtuesday Tuesday the 19th, Episode 02: Bounty will begin! In addition, once the physical copies of the book have been printed and are in stock, I wil be making them available for purchase here on the site. I want to thank everyone for their patience in allowing me to take the time out from regular posting to concentrate on the Kickstarter campaign.

I'm eager to bring episode 02 out on the site for your enjoyment, Based on the artwork I have produced thus far I think it will be the best Adventures of Toad yet! So hang on and stay tuned, we've got a lot more action coming your way!

Thanks to everyone once again!