When Do New Pages Get Posted?
New pages get posted every #toadtuesday (formerly known as regular Tuesday) on a weekly basis. Be sure to stop by each week for the latest!

UPDATE: The Adventures of Toad is on a long term hiatus as of 8/22/17. Stay tuned to Derik's twitter account for up to date info on his other projects, and any Toad updates!

How was Toad created?
Toad was born one day while sketching random throwaway nonsense. Before long, he developed a mind of his own and demanded to go on adventures. What you see here on the site, is the result!

Is The Adventures of Toad available in print?
All three of episodes of the webcomic are now available in print. For questions on how to order a copy, email toadcomic@gmail.com

Is Derik Available for Comissions?
Absolutely! Just send an e-mail with your commission inquiry to toadcomic@gmail.com for more information on availability and pricing.