The hero of our story, Toad hails from Earth where he was created as the result of scientific experimentation. He has been gifted with improved strength, reflexes, and regenerative abilities. Toad's latest adventure begins after he crash lands in the deserts of the planet Delesia in his rocket ship under mysterious circumstances.

Mala is the young Princess of Zoria, and heir to the throne. Since the death of her father at the hands of Raven, Mala has trained in the ways of the sword. Her uncle, King Claudius is fiercely protective of her, and does not let her leave the royal grounds. She craves adventure and longs to see more of the world around her.

Ganu & Shana
When Ganu and Shana lost their father to the hands of Asha Dün, Toad and Mala came to their rescue. To make sure that Asha never tore another family apart, our heroes stepped in and took matters into their own hands. 

Once the trusted adviser to Mala's father, The King, Raven attempted to take control of the throne. Using a mysterious tome found in the desert, Raven imbued himself with dark magic, and killed The King. Fortunately for Zoria, The King's younger brother, Claudius, stepped forward and with the help of the city priests, imprisoned Raven in a magical cage suppressing his dark powers.

King Claudius
The current ruler of Zoria, Claudius ascended to the throne in the wake of his brother's death at the hands of Raven. After defeating Raven and making the kingdom safe once more, Claudius took it upon himself to raise his niece, Mala. Despite his best attempts to quell her adventurous spirit, Mala remains curious about the world beyond their kingdom.